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Crypto Market

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin chart as of 7/28/2021: The price of Bitcoin has retested $40k. Recently $40k was tested in mid June 2021.

Bitcoin chart as of 7/13/2021: The price of Bitcoin has been in consolidation phase since a large selloff in the middle of May 2021.

BTC chart July 28,, 2021.png

Market Animal

Market animal as of 7/28/2021. Bull market is back Baybeeeee. Maybeeee? This is not financial advice.

bull run is back!.png

Old market Animals

bull crab.png

Market animal as of 7/22/2021. We are currently in flux. Are we in a Crab market? Or are the Bulls back in town?

Time should be able to answer this question eventually

Market animal as of 7/13/2021. We were in a Crab market.

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