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Crypto People

They're here, they're there, they're everywhere!

This is my NFT project on the WAX blockchain. These NFTs will be various original digital artworks that represent elements, concepts and ideas in the crypto and Web3 metaverse. These representations are meant to evoke a feeling that the elements in Web3 are living, breathing entities, with their own needs, desires, goals and aspirations. Basically, little crypto people living their lives.

These NFTs are intended to bring joy and happiness to those who view, own and trade them. These NFTs will also include factual information about the coins, tokens and concepts that they represent, to facilitate the spread of knowledge and understanding in the crypto-space, with the ultimate goal of integrating sets of NFTs into an interactive metaverse.

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These NFTs Live on the WAX Blockchain

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange, and it is a blockchain tailor made for NFT projects to thrive. The Atomic Hub, which is the primary marketplace for NFTs that live on the WAX blockchain is a user friendly web3 integration that has seen explosive growth in the past year.

I chose this as the platform to launch my project, because it suits my skills and needs exceptionally well. As my skills progress, the Crypto People NFT designs will improve in quality and complexity. I intend to integrate these NFTs into various schemas with educational context, such as the History of Crypto, Top Cryptos by Market Cap, and many others.

You can see the Atomic Hub interface here.

Examples of Crypto People


My Wax account: 3ktay.wam
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