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About The Flarnchain Commercial Website

Welcome to the Flarnchain commercial website. This site will be a one stop shop for all of your Flarnchain needs: Merchandise, applications, glossaries, you name it!


There are currently 2 active developers of the Flarnchain platform. Myself (Flarnrules) and my friend (Goonda). I currently have very little knowledge on how to develop a website, so I needed to create this Wix website to add content.

The website is an open source hosted site on Github, where we will also incorporate a wallet application to facilitate the Flarnchain blockchain and Flarncoin cryptocurrency.

In parallel, this website will be a community hub, store and location to acquire new readers of the Flarnchain Newsletter.


In order to fund the development of this project, we will be selling merchandise and eventually monetizing the website with advertisements. This money will go towards paying the monthly domain hosting fees for both the and the websites.

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