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What is Flarnchain?

Flarnchain is a space to learn, discover, and and contribute to web3. The Flarnchain roadmap is a 12 year plan that hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Write a weekly newsletter that is published each and every Wednesday to the Flarnchain readership: status - ongoing, currently on Flarnchain Newsletter #24

  • Create and build out as the educational and decentralized app platform, to facilitate the creation and deployment of the Flarnchain blockchain including the Flarncoin token: status - ongoing. website created, content lacking...

  • Create as the business element to generate revenue necessary to fund the Flarnchain blockchain development: status - you are here! this is a brand new website, built using Wix, which saved me a significant amount of effort in learning HTML.

  • Create an online NFT marketplace, or integrate other online NFT marketplaces into the Flarnchain ecosystem, to facilitate ownership and display of community user owned NFTs. No idea how to do this yet.

  • Launch the Flarnchain blockchain, including Flarncoin. I think I have identified the platform to build the Flarnchain blockchain, the Cosmos Network through the Cosmos SDK. There is an awful lot to learn, but it feels good to have a starting point. If you would like to know more about the cosmos network, check it out here:

  • Build FlarnDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, that operates with it's own governance token.

The above milestones are just the beginning. I currently know very little about software development. This entire project is intended to be a "learn through doing" process, as well as a "teach through doing" process.

I've also created the below 12 year "Flarnmap" which is basically just every single Wednesday from the first Flarnchain Newsletter (published February 10, 2021) to the future 624th Flarnchain Newsletter (to be published on January 18, 2034).

My primary life goal is to have the freedom and time to work on the projects that interest me most, and to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. This requires my secondary goal of becoming financially free and independent, by building out a financially self sustaining investment portfolio. The Flarnchain project will be the vehicle to fulfilling these goals.

I hope to create a fun, interactive, and unique environment where people can feel comfortable learning about web3 and blockchain development, and where people can eventually participate in this nascent version of the internet.

Please sign up for the Flarnchain newsletter by heading to the homepage and entering your e-mail address. Here's a link to the homepage:

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